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Decades of past performance in forward-thinking. 


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Health IT 

Case Study: 

The team behind Mission First performed design and support work for an enterprise-wide AI-driven tool for increasing efficiency and lowering costs for a government customer.  Our development teams have helped facilitate customer interactions, development, and customer interfacing on this and other multi-year prototype rollouts.  

Serving over 10,000 users, the AI modernization effort, providing enterprise services for all of DLA, leveraged the client knowledge base and translated that base into an extensive set of comprehensive business process models.

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Information Technology 

Case Study: 

The team behind Mission First supported an effort with the United State Space Force, where the team and key partners created a custom hardware and software analytics solution to provide three-dimensional data visualization and analysis capabilities.  Although some measured sensor data was absent at the time of the test case, the platform is capable of ingesting data in near real time.  


The platform is further able to help inform decision-making with an advanced and flexible suite of controls for visualizing, tracking, and alerting based on input.  The system can also be used to inform command and control of unsafe weather conditions, which enables the correct advisory warnings to be issued.

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IT Strategy  

Case Study: 

The Mission First team is adept at bringing the right companies and the right ideas together. Our team has consistently been able to see beyond the obvious and build teams with complementary capabilities to unlock new approaches for government customers. 

Building effective teams successfully over time requires a cellular-level understanding of each factor in the pathway to a finished product. That includes government requirements, market realities, policy frameworks, and legal considerations. Mission First has seasoned team members at its disposal that sit atop each of these key proficiency areas. 

The right vision and the right team to bring it to life. 

Mission First brings together decades of experience and a substantial network of partners to rapidly design and deploy IT solutions. Our approach goes beyond standard one-size-fits-all modalities to deliver custom systems that precisely address the specific needs of our customers. 

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