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Our mission is putting veterans first. 

We're working to create change in critical verticals. 

Our team knows from hard-earned experience that flawless execution is the difference maker. Delivering meaningful change requires both the right idea and the strategic vision to bring it into reality. One without the other is not good enough for the veterans we serve. 

Healthcare IT 

Mission First team is led by experts with foundational roles in government Health IT. 

IT Strategy

Mission First's wholistic approach to IT modernization includes a well-developed system for effective team building. 

Information Technology & EHR

Robust partnerships and domain expertise let us remain agile even when building large and complex systems.

Veteran Service 
Center of Excellence 

Our mission is centered on putting America's veterans first. For us, that means helping Veterans live better lives by unlocking their potential once they leave the service. When we started Mission First, we wanted to create an organization that approached service strategically and rigorously. Many great organizations give back when they can - for us, supporting Veterans is the core of what we do. The rest of our business is built around that underlying principle.  

Our leadership team is well known and highly regarded as solving some of the most complex problems that have plagued the Health IT community for years. We're using that same skillset to change the game with our Veteran Service Center of Excellence - a pipeline for unlocking the potential of America's Veteran community. 

Veterans are America's great untapped resource, and they could use some help. 




U.S. Veteran Owned Businesses


Homeless Veterans

Our Partners


Let's explore what we can build together. 

Mission First is working with strategic partners to meaningfully impact veterans' lives and building the iT solutions of tomorrow. If you or your organization have a similar mission, we would love to hear from you. 

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